Tuesday, 28 February 2012

an inspiration

Hello, I heard today that Richard Carpenter died on Sunday. I would just like to say thank you for his life and his works, he was such an inspiration. He wrote many TV series for HTV, including Catweazle, Dick Turpin and Robin of Sherwood. I have some of his books, replacements some of them, because the original ones i had fell apart through lots of reading! So I raise a glass to Richard Carpenter, without whom my childhood would have been very dull!
Dick Turpin, classic, Robin of Sherwood, well to say that was a big part of my growing up would be an understatement, because of that I spent most of my early teen years, held by the branches of a Yew tree in the garden, looking out over the forest for the Sheriff of Nottinghams men, and thinking up new adventures for Robin and the others, and of course I always had a very important part to play in the story! methinks that DVDs will be watched over the next few days in honour of this fabulous man.

Thank you for the stories Richard Carpenter, may you rest in peace

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

what we made

the homework was "make a tealight holder out of recycled things"

well, one chocolate spread jar, and 3 honey jars, and a selection of quality street wrappers, lots of PVA glue, and this is the result!


Greetings, well its been a while, some of the woolly projects are now done, but a realisation this morning, has put things into perspective. In being a Mother, there are lots of things I love to do, somethings on my own, some things for other people, and somethings because I have to. The things on my own seem to be the last things that get done.

Motherhood, the growing nurturing and teaching of a Human being, while still figuring out what its like to be one!

a challenge indeed! but this week is half term, and so far, I have not run away! Little people taking it in turns to be ill, with a high temperature and headache, which hopefully will go in a couple of days, like on the first little one, but the creative side of me has been nourished, while the young ones have done the same. A homework project for the Middle big one turned into a craft session for us all! and a Quilting Magazine has stirred the desire for the Eldest (and step daughter) to do something together. so my creative side, the things I want to do, have been fulfilled with the simple power of sharing.