Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Greening

When the Winter Solstice brought its longest night I started a journal of sorts, called "Bringing Back the Light". In it I wrote just small notes of what I had done each day, not the survival/everyday things that are achieved as the norm (though they really do need appreciating - the washing machine has returned by the way) but things I had done that were extra, yet fitted in well. Things that brought a sense of satisfaction and that enchanced my day. From simple things as cleaning the whole kitchen in one go to magical things such as "putting the lights on the Christmas Tree". Practical things that go deeper, like "Decluttering", "shopping without a tight budget" and then the sublime "speaking my mind" and "dancing til midnight". Then there was the spiritual/healing things like "Red Tent" "Storytelling" and the all important "Time for Myself"

But as the Light did indeed return, and with it insights and wonder, the journal evolved. Over the past few days with the Spring Equinox and Thursdays New Moon, it has become a Balance Journal. not just redressing the balance, but noticing the dark and light within the things I do. and sometimes an affirmation that comes of that balance. Its quite simple and so blatantly obvious really. I do housework one day and treat myself to a day out the next. or to quote yesterdays "Being Selfish/Being Helpful"

Through revisiting the music of my adolescent years I have encountered my Dark side in a new "light" an empowering of my Darkness which now sparkles. So many of us find our self through the music and fashion of our teenage years, only to have it ridiculed and surpressed as the obligation to get a job and "fit in" sneaks in and takes over.

Do you remember Shakespears Sister's song "Stay"? in the video, Siobhan Fahey comes in as this mad, dark eyed, sparkling "angel" to take the man to her realm. I recognised her, not as Siobhan, but as my Dark side. not a shrivelled heap, hidden in the shadows who rants and raves, but a Sparkling, powerful being. I love that song, and now a copy of the CD "Hormonally Yours" is on its way to me, why did I not buy it way back in 92? I did have the 7" single of Goodbye Cruel World though! Perhaps I was steered away, or maybe I was scared of facing my darkness. Who knows, but now I embrace that dark figure and I feel complete.

And yes I am sparkling!

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