Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Theres something missing!

An empty space, beneath the work top. A wide open chasm of Not Doing!

Crazy as it sounds, I am missing my washing machine. It was confused and disorientated. When the door lock light was on, all was well. but the light went off and though the door was physically locked, it wasnt mentally. so the machine stopped. Mid cycle. Leaving unrinsed jeans and sweatshirts in limbo.

The Prognosis is hopeful, but I have no washing machine for a few days.

Not a crisis, I can use others, I can go to my Moms or down to the launderette, or even do the washing in the bath I suppose, so why am I blogging about this?

I am blogging because there is more to this than meets the eye. A hole, a gaping space beneath the worktop. Pipes closed off and spider webs visible. Washing being done elsewhere. But there is a hole in my routine. I get up in a morning, put the washing in, turn it on. 2 hours later tis clean! now all I have to do is hang it out to dry, either on the whirlygig outside or on the dryer infront of the Rayburn. The Rayburn is warm, perfect for drying clothes, but there are no clothes to dry. None being washed in the vacinity. There is a gap in my day. It just shows how ritualistic I am everyday. Now that daily ceremony of collecting clothes together, matching colours and slowly emptying the washing basket is a need that is unsatisfied. Putting it in the machine, hearing the whirr and the clunks and the swishing and gaps in the cycle, the rush of water going in, the clean clothes coming out. The colourful array of garments on the airer, tested for their remaining dampness at regular intervals. I pace up and down not knowing what to do with those spare moments of time. So I wrote this.

I hope I get my washing machine back soon. How much we take for granted, and how little we realise the impact of a daily routine.


  1. i don't have a dishwasher right now. also decided to be unco-operative.
    fortunately i'm very not ritualistic. lol

    (not doing joy pockets but am doing a more balanced meme at other blog)

    1. Thank you Monica! Love your blog posts too, Highs and Lows, fabulous! I've just done another post which you might find relates to that!